Competitive Business Intelligence Tool

Take control of your business planning today with this easy to use, real time, data driven tool.

SizeUp Inland NW is a powerful FREE tool that enables small and medium-sized businesses across 21 counties to access market research and business intelligence that is industry-specific and hyperlocal. This information can help business owners make data-driven decisions as they recover from the impact of COVID-19, build resilience and thrive.

  • Rank business performance compared to industry competitors
  • Discover potential customers and suppliers
  • Better understand the competitive landscape
  • Optimize advertising to target ideal customer segments
  • Find ways to save their business money

SizeUp Inland NW uses big data, cloud computing and computer algorithms to deliver custom analysis for local businesses. The data comes from hundreds of public and proprietary data sources and is updated regularly.

The SVEDC can mentor you in the use of this tool.  The graphics and insights will make your business plans much easier to create and update!!

Explore by clicking here.  Start by entering your industry and city in the blue box.  Fill in the boxes with your business information and discover how you stack up with your competition, where best to advertise, discover suppliers near you and more.

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