Economic & Lifestyle Overview

Pinehurst is on the westernmost edge of the Silver Valley within Shoshone County. This very small city only has a total area of 1.05 square miles of land, but there are a little over 1,600 people that call this comfortable town home. The cost of living is 16.5% lower than the United States average in this quiet town filled with small town charm. Many people refer to Pinehurst as the Walking City. The sidewalk system runs the length of the town as is well-lit. The sidewalk conveniently ends at one of the trailheads to the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes, making scenic walks from a home in Pinehurst convenient and hassle free. This mainly residential town is packed with homes, churches of a variety of denominations, families, retired folks, a golf course, and a school. There are quite a few family-owned businesses sprinkled through this bedroom community. Pinehurst is one of the bigger small towns in Silver Valley but is also very safe and affordable.

Business Outlook & Competitive Advantages

The town itself is almost entirely residential and has very few options for land development. There are opportunities for re-development of current buildings or land, but vacant land is rare within city limits. Because of the concentration of residents, Pinehurst is a great option for housing or service businesses to set up shop.

History & Unique Facts

Pinehurst is one of the younger towns in Silver Valley. It was incorporated in 1970, making it 50 years old in 2020.

A bedroom community is one that doesn’t manage its own utilities, Pinehurst falls into this category.