Economic & Lifestyle Overview

At around 600 residents, Smelterville is a small town with a lot of opportunity. The median home cost sits around $66,000, and the cost of living is 31% lower than the US average according to Best Places. The town is very welcoming to manufacturing, transportation, and other businesses and is less focused on tourism and residential expansion. Even without the city’s residential focus, there is a large park in the center of town. A surprising amount of businesses are packed into this tiny town, including some big names like Walmart, O’Rielly Auto Parts, US Forestry, Shoshone Medical Center, and Dave Smith’s Auto Body Shop.

Business Outlook & Competitive Advantages

SmeltervilleMost of Smelterville could use some restoration, but there are many surprising amenities that you won’t find elsewhere in the Silver Valley. The first advantage that is truly unique to Smelterville compared to much of North Idaho is the availability of land. There is an abundance of flat usable land waiting for businesses to put it to use. Much of this land has easy access to I-90 and is also visible from the freeway. You won’t find many other opportunities to build with this kind of visibility and this ideal location between regional hubs.

The Shoshone County Airport, the only airport in Silver Valley, has a mile-long runway and is one of the longest general aviation runways in Idaho. If air transportation is an important part of your business model, this location of having an airport that sits just across the interstate can’t be beat.

History & Unique Facts

In 1929 there was a town vote between the names Smelterville, Van Rena, and Silver City to name their town so they could get a post office. The smelter stacks that gave Smelterville its name were demolished in 1996.

Smelterville used to host Frontier Days which was the Silver Valley’s largest event. They also used to host the Demolition Derby, and they would close Main Street for Lawn Mower Races.