Silver Valley Idaho is the Northwest’s playground. Our minimally urban lifestyle means that we have access to endless outdoor recreation among pure nature. With thousands of acres of National Forest Service Land in our backyard, endless miles of trails, mountains, streams, lakes, and more, there’s a way to enjoy the outdoors every day of the year.


With over 2,000 miles of rivers, streams, and lakes, the Silver Valley is a fisherman’s dream. Cast into world-class fly fishing whenever you throw a line. Diverse habitats through our area support a variety of thriving fish populations. Learn more about Silver Valley, Idaho Panhandle National Forest, and North Idaho fishing.


Cycling on Silver MountainWelcome to Bike City USA. Cyclists love the Silver Valley because of our range of trails. Get in the dirt at Silver Mountain’s Bike Park. Enjoy the beauty on the winding Route of the Hiawatha through 9 tunnels and over 7 sky-high trestle bridges. The spectacular 73-mile long paved Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes runs through the Silver Valley and is perfect for a family walk, bike ride, or jog.


Whether you long to wander through conifer forests or you want to ascend to a scenic high-alpine lake, meadow, or peak, we have the trail for you. There are options for day trips, backpackers, visitors with disabilities, beginners, and experts alike.

Local Favorite Trails:

Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes
This beloved trail extends 73 miles between Mullan and Plummer and runs through the Silver Valley. It is one of the most spectacular trails in the northwest as ranked by Rails to Trails. The Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes is also a cornerstone of the Silver Valley recreation atmosphere and lifestyle. On any given day you will find many locals enjoying the greenbelt. In the summer you’ll see bikers, joggers, runners, fishermen, skaters, and even wheelchairs, and in the winter it’s perfect for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing. Year-round you can enjoy the natural beauty along the trail and spot wildlife. There are 20 trailheads that provide entry points, and there are scenic waysides along the route that are perfect rest spots. Here is a downloadable PDF map as you will probably lose cell phone service while out enjoying nature along this gorgeous trail.

Bitterroot Trails
The Bitterroot National Forest extends between Idaho and Montana. This pristine and rugged terrain is accessible through various access points. This gorgeous forest has 1.6 million acres for you to explore, and half of the forest makes up the largest continuous pristine wilderness in the lower 48 states.

Little Guard Lookout
One of the last remaining fire lookouts, this lookout tower is now available to the public for recreation. Its relatively high elevation provides gorgeous vistas, and it’s perfect for day hiking the Shoshone Ridge Trail #81. Check the Forest Service’s website for rental availability, fees, and details.

Idaho Panhandle National Forest Trails
The Panhandle National Forest is divided into 5 different areas:

Coeur d’Alene River Area
Lower Kootenai River Area
Pend Oreille Lake Area
Priest Lake Area
St. Joe River Area

The Coeur d’Alene River Area is what surrounds the Silver Valley, but there are even more options if you venture into other areas of the forest. Within the forest trails, you’ll find alpine lakes, historic sites, rushing rivers, ancient cedar groves, wildlife, and more. Many of the trails are easily accessible, depending on weather and seasonality.

Settler’s Grove of Ancient Cedars Interpretive Trail
Wander through towering cedars in this Idaho trail that borders Montana. The oldest trees in this grove date back to the early 1500s. The trail meanders under the massive trees while crossing a peaceful creek several times. Perfect for a day hike or an afternoon stroll. The trailhead has restrooms, ample parking, and is about an hour from Kingston, Idaho.

Hiking TrailsPulaski Tunnel Trail
A short 5 minutes from Wallace, this trail follows part of the escape route that a crew of firemen used to survive the 1910 fires. The area is now lush and green while signs along the trail tell the story of “Big Ed” Pulaski and his crew. This is an ideal half-day hike.

Thompson Pass
Noted as one of the most beautiful drives in the region, the Thompson Pass sits at 6,814 feet on the Idaho/Montana border. From this Pass, there are plenty of trailheads to explore. Revett Lake Trail #9 is a trail that is perfect for any level of hiking skill, and it features a lake and a waterfall. Keep in mind that the road to Thompson Pass is not maintained through the winter.

Old Milwaukee Road: Rails to Trails
This scenic road travels through the St. Joe River Valley, connecting the Route of the Hiawatha to the towns of Avery, Marble Creek, and Calder. This low-grade trail is perfect for biking or hiking and beautifully travels through a National Forest.

Stevens Lake Trail
Rated as a more difficult trail, the hike up to Steven’s Lake is gorgeous. It goes through a variety of terrain including meadows, forest groves, across loose rock, and over streams neighboring waterfalls. The views and lake at the end are worth the hike if you’re up for a bit of a challenge.


There are 3 fantastic golf courses evenly dispersed through the Silver Valley. No matter your skill level, every golfer will find fun as our courses range from beginner to advanced. Enjoy the dramatic landscapes and unique designs. If you’re looking for greens that are both underrated and under-radared, then swing into the Silver Valley for some of your own swings.

Shoshone Golf Club
Located east of Kellogg, this 9-hole golf course welcomes golfers of any age and skill level.

Galena Ridge Golf Course
Located west of Kellogg, this 9-hole golf course is a part of Silver Mountain Resort and has gorgeous views through its unique design.

Pinehurst Golf Course
This 9-hole golf course is in Pinehurst, Idaho and is nestled in the mountains.


Snowmobile at Silver ValleySki/Snowboard
We’re lucky to have 2 ski areas within 25 miles. Lookout Ski Pass and Silver Mountain Resort are both referred to as "the best-kept secret” around. There's rarely a line at their lifts, which means you spend more time making laps. Whether it’s day 1 or day 1,000 there’s terrain to test your limits. Most of our winter days are filled with powder, and our bluebird panoramic views are breathtaking.

Snowmobile & Backcountry
The I-90 Snowmobile Route connects you to over 1,000 miles of trails featuring world-class high alpine snowmobiling terrain. Both Wallace and Kellogg are full-service towns from this route, and Wallace’s "open streets" ordinance welcomes riders to the streets. Imagine waking up, walking outside, hopping on your snowmobile, and going. That daydream is possible here.

Cross-Country Skiing
Nordic Skiing has never been more accessible than what you'll find in the Silver Valley. Our beloved Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes provides 73 miles of 10' wide path ideal for cross-country skiing. The 4th of July Nordic Ski Area has 12 miles of groomed trails open to the public. For current availability on Nordic skiing at our ski areas, please contact Silver Mountain or Lookout Pass directly.

All the areas open to Cross-Country Skiing are also open to peaceful Snowshoe adventures, which means the Silver Valley is overflowing with fantastic winter trail options to explore. A popular foot-traffic-only destination is the Pulaski Tunnel Trail. You'll find some additional paths at both Silver Mountain and Lookout Pass depending on snow coverage and time of the year.

Snow Tubing
Thanks to Silver Mountain's Snow Tubing Hill there's always snow, hills, and tubes anytime you want a sledding thrill. The best part is there's a magic carpet so you don't have to hike up through the snow in between laps. Does it get more ideal than this?

Idaho Panhandle National Forest

The Silver Valley is encompassed by the Idaho Panhandle National Forest, and we have these 2.5 million acres to thank for our culture of outdoor adventure and recreation. Home to 400 species of wildlife, 73 fish species, Idaho’s 3 largest lakes, and 11,000 miles of roads, there’s an endless amount of beauty to discover. The forests are divided into 5 different areas:

Coeur d’Alene River Area 
Lower Kootenai River Area
Pend Oreille Lake Area
Priest Lake Area
St. Joe River Area

The Coeur d’Alene River Area is what surrounds the Silver Valley, but there are even more options if you venture into other areas of the forest. Within the forest you’ll find alpine lakes, historic sites, rushing rivers, ancient cedar groves, wildlife, and more. Much of the forest is easily accessible, depending on weather and seasonality.


Gold MineMining
The Silver Valley found its roots in mining and logging when miners came looking for gold in the late 1870s. Our relatively small Valley became the largest silver-producing region globally, and today still ranks as one of the top 10 mining areas in history. There are still active mines in the area, and some of the inactive areas have been converted into museums and give tours. Local favorites include the Sierra Silver Mine Tour in Wallace and the Crystal Gold Mine in Kellogg.

Coeur d’Alene’s Old Mission State Park
The Sacred Heart Mission building is the oldest building in Idaho, constructed in the early 1850s. This heritage-based state park contains the Cataldo Mission, the parish house, and the gorgeous surrounding land near the Couer d’Alene River.


There many parks through the Silver Valley, and they vary in size, installations, and location. Some of our public areas feature untouched nature that is pristine and pure, while some of our other parks have been built for specific activities. Whatever type of park-related recreation you’re looking for, we have a public space that can fit your needs.

Silver Valley Parks

Silver Valley ParksPublic Areas:

Trail of the Coeur d’Alene’s State Park
Coeur d’Alene River National Forest
Idaho Panhandle National Forest


Coeur d’Alene’s Old Mission State Park


Kellogg City Park & Swimming Pool
Silver Rapids Indoor Waterpark
Skateboard Park - 47°31'54.55"N, 116° 7'20.08"W
Riverside City Park - 47°32'43.04"N, 116° 7'38.99"W
Teeters Field


Mullan TrailShoshone Park
Mullan City Park - 47°28'14.65"N, 115°48'3.08"W
Mullan Swimming Pool


Osburn Lions City Park
Gene Day Park


West Shoshone Park
Heritage Park - 47°32'37.91"N, 116°13'44.99"W
Hunter Memorial - 47°31'58.86"N, 116°14'16.13"W
Merick Memorial - 47°32'22.51"N, 116°13'55.42"W


Silverton Park
Sather Field


SMC Health & Wellness Park
Smelterville City Park


Wallace Skatepark
Second & Pine Park - 47°28'23.94"N, 115°55'48.85"W
Mullan Park - 47°28'26.66"N, 115°55'31.08"W
Samuels Park - 47°28'19.78"N, 115°55'22.05"W
Veterans Park - 47°28'33.92"N, 115°55'48.61"W


Mayors Park
Councilmans Park